Best Dog Stroller under $100 – Review & Guide

A stroller is something that can help you in transporting pets who are either disabled or pets that are too young to be careful about them. It is a carrier or a crate that has wheels under it that turns out as a buggy for carrying your pets.

Dog stroller under $100 are a great source of transportation if you want to carry around your pup to travel safely. They can come quite useful as if you are going out somewhere in extreme weather or you know it is going to rain soon, or if you are going someplace full of traffic and pedestrians, you can use these strollers for your pet. 

These dog strollers are perfect for helping those pets or dogs who are disabled or have older age, and they are having some kind of trouble walking. These strollers let your dog both exercise and rest whenever they are up to it. If you have a dog stroller, you don’t have to be worried anymore about your dog because you can put it inside the stroller and let him have fun.It seems a bit awkward to put your dogs in crates or purses when you go on shopping, so this is the best way to keep your dog entertained and comfortable as well whenever you head out. It will keep your pet safe from getting stepped on. So considering all these conditions, we have listed some best dog strollers under $100 for you, which we are going to discuss, but first, you need to know the reasons why you should have one.

Reasons to Buy Dog Stroller Under 100$

There are several reasons for having a dog stroller, and we are going to mention some of them to tell you why a dog stroller is a good option to keep. 

  • Dogs that grow older have difficulty moving here and there, so a stroller is the best fit. 
  • Dogs that get hurt in fights or injured due to any reason can’t walk properly. The stroller can help them with traveling and lift their morale. 
  • Strollers are best for dogs who are paralyzed of any type. 
  • Weak dogs or dogs that are sick may not be able to move properly; the stroller can save you the trouble.

Best Pet Dog Strollers Under $100 for Medium or Small Pets

We are listing the best strollers for you that show you the details so that you can decide which one should be your choice to select.

Small Dog StrollersCapacityStroller WeighDimensions
OxGord Pet Stroller30 lbs13.6 lbs21″ X 14″ X 19″
Paws & Pals30 lbs11 lbs21″ X 14″ X 19″
Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller30 lbs13 lbs24″ X 12″ X 23″

OxGord Pet Stroller – Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier

OxGord Pet Stroller under 100
OxGord Pet Stroller Under $100

Our top suggestion is OxGord Pet Stroller because it has a great range of features and it has a lot of good reviews from the owners who have bought it. This is suitable for your small pets like cats and dogs that you can carry very easily. Some of its features are.


  • There is a double entry in this stroller from the front and back.
  • Brakes, waterproof cover hood, seat belts, dual cup holders.
  • Easy to handle and carry your small pets
  • Weight Capacity 30 lbs.


  • You can’t take this stroller to parks where there is grass. It gets stuck.

It’s a new design, and there are plenty of features that revolve around this stroller. Some of them include the undercarriage storage, waterproof hood, brakes, and much more. You can get it in different colors according to your or your pet’s choice.

You should definitely buy this stroller because you get safety measures for your pet as a seat belt and careful positioning for the air vents and windscreen for your pet.c

Paws & Pals City – 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller

4 Wheeler Pet Stroller Under 100
4 Wheeler Pet Stroller Under $100

The next one on our list is the Paws and Pals City walks Pet stroller under $100. It is a great option that you can get at a reasonable price, but there are plenty of considerations for user choice for his journey. Every user mainly focuses on dog-friendly aspects and features that are available with a stroller that they are buying, but this has some extra and new features that you can make use of. 


  • The new feature includes an easy-clean and also a removable pad.
  • This has an easy folding 11 lb frame that is very light and easy to handle and other owner-focused features.
  • Front and rear entry.
  • The canopy saves the pet from rain or sunlight. 
  • The quick-folding wheels mechanism is a new touch. 


  • The canopy may not be useful in extreme weather conditions

You should buy this product because it has great safety features for your pet, including a leash that is built for safety, and there is a canopy at the top to save your pet from sunlight or rain. Storage space is enough, along with front and back entry, that makes your pet more comfortable with this product.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Dog Stroller Under $100 (with Weather Guard)

Pet Gear Happy Trails Dog Stroller Under 100
Pet Gear Happy Trails Dog Stroller Under $100

Pet Gear is a brand that is popular for making dog stroller under $100 for years. They design and share innovative products with their customers from time to time. As compared to the other products, it is a bit expensive, but still, it has a variety of features as we have listed them below.


  • There is a weather guard that is resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Ventilation is very good for your pets with its design
  • Suitable for small dogs like pups.


  • Not suitable for big pets like full-size dogs.

You should buy this dog stroller under $100 because of its unique features that will help you and your pet travel easily and safely around your neighborhood. With smooth, comfortable features, who wouldn’t want one?


This was all about dog strollers under $100 for easy travel. For more details, join the comment section below.

Can you use a dog stroller for a baby?

Yes, the babies can fit in your dog strollers. Be careful with the leash and vents for the baby to hold steady.

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