Best Keyless Door Locks In 2020

People are more insecure inside their homes than ever and need security systems that could make them feel safe inside. Fortunately, technology and Smart Locks of today are in-game for this modern-day crisis. They come with multiple functionalities, higher-order security, and purposes under different costs.

This article takes a peek at some of the Best Keyless Door Locks available for purchase now.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Keyless Door Lock


These locks come with a keypad, a thumb turn in the inside, and a lock cylinder outside.


  1. The lock system can be managed by a free android and iOS app. This app of the lock can manage the codes and set schedules.
  2. The computer system of the lock can store up to 30 codes at a time.
  3. The lock has a built-in alarm that can set up to 3 different alerts.
  4. The lock infrastructure is made up of matte nickel.
  5. The lock can be installed wirelessly, and it offers a battery-operated design.
  6. If you buy the ‘Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter’, which is sold separately, you will be able to lock and unlock the door from any place.


  1. Schlage Sense is battery-powered and keeps a 24-hour activity log.
  2. It has built-in alarm technology and a potential door attack sensor.
  3. It also has an auto lock-and-unlock feature and it is smartphone compatible..


  1. It is costly in comparison.
  2. It doesn’t support Amazon Alexa and works only with iOS.
  3. Many consumers find it old-fashioned.

Schlage Touch Camelo1-t Keyless Door Lock

schlage touch

  1. Schlage Touch Camelot comes with a Security Rating of Grade 2.
  2. The lock comes with a fingerprint-resistant touchpad and, numbers and lever that are LED lit.
  3. This model has impressive battery specs, i.e., 9V battery with 2-year battery life.
  4. The lock-system dimensions are: 3 x 5.4 x 5.2 (inches).


  1. This model comes with different styles and finishes.
  2. It is easy to install and has customizable pin-length.


  1. It lacks remote functioning abilities.
  2. It has received negative reviews regarding slower responses.

Schlage E365CAM619 Keyless Door Lock

schlage 3

This model has a turn-lock feature, enabling users to lock without a key.


  1. For entry doors, this kind of locks is ideal where deadbolts are required.
  2. This model comes with a Security Rating of Grade 2 and an ANSI/BHMA certification.
  3. Schlage E365CAM619 lock is driven by a commercial grade clutching motor drive.
  4. The Keypad has backlighting, and also it has a low-battery indicator.
  5. It has two access codes that pre-programmed meant for immediate use.


  1. This model offers a Grade 2 security rating, while many models of the same cost and specs offer only Grade 1 Security.
  2. It comes with a physical keypad option.


  1. It doesn’t have android-app-integration.

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Keyless Door Lock


Kwikset 909 is a keyless lock that uses personalized code to lock and unlock the system.


  1. The Keypad has backlighting for better visibility.
  2. The SmartCode features are the highlight of this model:
    1. It is easy to program because of this feature.
    2. This feature enables easy installation.
    3. Another essential feature of this model is SmartKey re-key technology; this feature is a back up for key access.
  3. Kwikset 909 provides one-touch-locking and has Keypad with backlighting.
  4. This model comes with eight customizable access codes and an additional master code.
  5. The infrastructure is of satin nickel finish and operates on 4 AA batteries.


  1. The electric locking feature of this model is highly effective and useful.
  2. It is less costly in comparison with most of the models of its kind.


  1. It functions noisily.
  2. The interior infrastructure is of plastic made instead of metal.

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation Keyless Door Lock


The keyless locking system of this model uses a smartphone app for functioning. It is available for both iOS or Andriod.


  1. This model is a highly advanced one of its kind. It can create virtual keys, and it keeps a record of whoever comes and leaves.
  2. There is more to this model’s innovative features; it locks the door on its own when leaving and unlocks when being approached.
  3. It functions 24/7 and keeps track of all those who left and entered.
  4. August SmartLock has a virtual key. It provides a user-defined key for different persons, and hence whoever left or whoever entered, everything gets recorded.
  5. You can control August SmartLock via Siri with your Apple iPad or iPhone.
  6. You can integrate the lock with Apple HomeKit for an authentic and safer functioning.
  7. The August SmartLock can be installed wirelessly with the help of batteries.
  8. August SmartLock will inform by notifications when the battery runs low.
  9. The lock is connected with smartphones via Highly secure Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB).


  1. This lock is the most advanced one among all mentioned here. It offers high-security features, it functions integrally with many popular virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google, HomeKit, and IFTTT.


  1. It is costly and has a short battery life.


We spoke about some of the best keyless door locks that are available in the market now. And among those August Smart Lock seems to be the most advanced one of all and even maybe the best, when scaled in terms of its technical capabilities. But, a product can never be measured only in terms of technology. Many parameters come into the picture on assessing it. Like its cost, availability, ease of usage, and relevance.

If you need the best keyless door locks available, then  ‘August Smart Lock 2nd Generation Keyless Door Lock’ is the right option or else if you are looking for a keyless door lock at a reasonable price with medium security features. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Keyless Door Lock is the right option for you. Or else you are varied requirements. You should go through each product’s product specifications thoroughly to find which product suits your requirement. After all, product satisfaction is something that is completely subjective and depends highly on the user requirements.


Q. What are ANSI/BHMA security ratings?

Ans: ANSI/BHMA stands for American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. They analyze the quality of a product by making it undergo rigorous testing and grade products based on its quality. ANSI/BHMA grading for locks are named as Grade 1 and,  Grade

Q. Can a smart lock be hacked?

Ans:  Yes, actually, every computer in the world can be hacked, so does smart locks, which are computers. But what makes this flawless of a threat is that people who are into hacking are less likely to loot houses. They are in this for more significant benefits, or else breaking inside a house is not worthy of the effort they put into hacking it. So, so far smart locks have not faced much threat from hackers.

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