Best Keychain Flashlights in 2021

We never know what situations we end up in, or when our luck runs out, or if apocalypse dooms us all. But there’s something we can all do, and always do, i.e., be prepared. Keychain flashlights are a boon to humanity. It is handy, easy to carry; there’s no fuss about it, and a friend.

Keychain flashlights can be compared in terms of its price, size, weight, durability, looks, and also the material it is made up. Here is a list of some of the best keychain flashlights:

1. SureFire Sidekick Ultra-compact triple output keychain flashlight


It is smaller and lighter than the other keychain flashlights and weighs 2 grams. This flashlight offers a great deal in a small package, giving out three output levels- 5/60/300 lumen.


The likable factors about this flashlight are:

  • unique faceted reflector
  • small body
  • comes with a split ring
  • rechargeable micro USB
  • and a max vision of 300 lumens
  • waterproof and serves high visibility during requirements.


  • Nothing!

All in all, it is an excellent deal for a 2-gram body.


Q. While charging the battery, is it normal for the led to blink?

Ans. Yes

Q. Is the rechargeable battery replaceable and available?

Ans. This high-quality battery is not available. The quality of the battery eliminates its need to purchase many batteries.

2. Streamlight Nano Keychain


This Streamlight nano keychain offers impressive performance for such a small light, the same suggests- nano. It is astonishingly affordable and gives out a reasonable amount of light for such a little body. It has an aircraft-grade aluminum that saves it from abrasive, rough use like everyday work, wears and tear if kept in the pocket or anywhere with keys and coins.

It comes with an easily detachable key chain or clip, as one would like to call it.


  • The attractive features are its aircraft aluminum body with anodized finish
  • abrasion resistant
  • its size, which makes it very handy
  • produces 10 lumens
  • 4-coin cell power
  • water resistance.


It’s not rechargeable, hence not for someone who is looking for sustainability.


Q. Does the cap fall out easily?

Ans. Yeah. The cap is somewhat loose.

Q. What’s the battery size?

Ans. LR 41, 4 of them.

A nano keychain to keep the dark at bay!

3. Olight Rechargeable Keychain


Smaller than the size of a regular battery, the AAA one, this Olight Rechargeable LED keychain is 2020’s one of the smallest and handy adjustable keychains. But not to go by its size, this tiny keychain flashlight can emit up to 130-lumen brightness, hands-down and stunning intensity.

But the light can be turned down to 5 lumens as well if the battery has drained a lot or saving battery is the primary focus. The flashlight case is made up of aluminum, keeping it from abrasive use, making it durable, and increasing its longevity. It also protects the flashlight from water to a depth of 2 meters.


  • light beam distance of 54 meters
  • water-resistant till a depth of 2 meters
  • fast charging
  • tiny body
  • brightness changing option.


  • Since it is too small, it does have a chance of getting lost.


Q. How long does the battery last on standby, if not used at all?

Ans. It can last for four months, give or take.

Q. Is the battery replaceable or disposable?

Ans. Neither. It has a rechargeable battery, which can be charged by a USB.

There’s no stopping for this!

4. Nitecore USB rechargeable keychain


Packing in an incredible amount of 380 lumens of output, this Nitecore USB rechargeable keychain genuinely gives a tough fight to the other tiny keychain flashlights. It is lightweight, super sleek, powerful, and handy, and compact enough not to harm daily life. It has a circular keychain.

The shell or the covering of this object is metallic, making it resistant to abrasion, and also not adding much to its weight, keeping it light and pocket friendly, quite literally. It has two side switches that control the four different modes of LED lighting it offers. The switches give the freedom to control the brightness and the battery of the flashlight. It has lithium-ion batteries which can be charged by a micro USB. If set on lower brightness mode, it can last for 60 hours. It is waterproof as well.


  • Four modes of brightness, which can easily be controlled, hence making it user-friendly
  • metallic shell making it durable
  • 380 lumens of light
  • water resistance
  • micro USB rechargeable.


  • The design might be a little less attractive for some.


Q. Can one stick the body of the flashlight to a magnet?

Ans. No, they won’t stick to a magnet because of its aluminum built.

Q. Estimate battery duration per mode.

Ans. Low-60hrs, mid- 4hrs, high- 1hr, turbo- 15mins

But, this flashlight is undoubtedly a no-brainer.

5. Streamlight 73200 Keynote


This keychain flashlight looks like a key, giving it an upper on its design’s uniqueness compared to the rest of them. It is small, just the size of any small standard key, but it can prove itself while working in a dark space! It offers a brightness of 35 lumens, which is pretty good and can be turned down to 16 lumens if the goal is to save battery.

The batteries are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and a low battery indicator is fixed inside this flashlight. This also comes with a 5-inch cable for the cell’s charging, thus making this keychain recharged at all times, utilizing it to its maximum! It is water and weather-resistant, and pretty adjustable, as it can be used as a keychain, zipper puller, or a ball cap. The batteries have a long life of 50,000 hours.


  • changing the level of brightness
  • rechargeable, water resistance
  • low battery power indicator
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • 5-inch cable.


  • Thicker than other keys.


Q. What is the expected run time?

Ans. Low- 2hrs, high- 1hr.

Q. Does it have varying brightness levels?

Ans. Yes. 16 and 35 lumens.

This is a built-to-last product, and promises to be there at all times!


Hence, the verdict does favor all the above-mentioned five keychain flashlights because of their reasonable skill set, design, output, and the like. All of them can give a pretty excellent output, and consumers can choose among them according to their needs and requirements.

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